Tweak Your PC To Run A Lot Faster

Some people will look at the CPU speed and buy a computer with a faster CPU to enable applications or games to run more smoothly. But this is quite an expensive way of solving the problem. Better calculations equate to a faster CPU and faster RAM enables more applications to run simultaneously.

Be aware that there is a limit to the number of applications that can be run at once on your PC. If there is not enough RAM installed in your computer, chances are there is a limitation to the number of applications that can be run at once.

limiting the number of applications that can be run at once

It is not wise to have an Application Sprawl Advisory Label (ASAL) because it tends to crowd out other applications that are scheduled to run at a later date. The best approach is to set up a separate account for your dedicated software and data files.

Think of your desktop as a library, and your documents as books. The books are organized in suitable folders, provided they are of suitable size. Once you have organized your books, you can put them on any desk in your home. Your documents can be kept in any folder anywhere on your PC (as long as it is distinguishable).

Nor should you be too eager to lay your old computer alongside new ones. Lay them in places where you will be able to find them easily in the future. However, as with any organized household goods, it is important you properly organize them. If you have too many files and programs organized in different places on your PC, it will be more difficult for your computer to locate the files it requires.

Your hard disk may be better organized than in years past. However, most files laid out in folders do not follow this rule. And if you do not delete files regularly, they will most likely be lost – thus compounding the problem. If your computer runs slow after a period of use, it is most likely due to low memory. However, generally speaking, the more RAM you have on your computer, the less chance of a crash; as everything is done in series and phases.

Clean up your beginning-used space.

If you are using too much space, disk fragmentation may have reached a high point. Take out unwanted files by using the Notification Area for deleting files. Use the Tools option in the Menu to save those files that you wish to retain.

You may wish to do a disk defragment frequently, especially if software programs launch a lot. File defragment puts all your files back in place and reduces the time it takes your computer to find the files that are still needed.

Checking for outdated software

Computers are armor and therefore differ from other devices that you have. One characteristic that makes them different from ordinary computers is that they are inexpensive. With merely a few decades of technological advancement, computers are produced to be compatible with the users’ expectations.

However, there are still computers available that are old laments that have not been used for a long time. Technological development works by cross-cutting and complementing innovations in different fields. Therefore, there are still computers available even in places where there are no users who have been using them for years.

To use an application or software which is older than 2 years, you should properly scan it using up-to-date anti-virus software. Also, the website you are visiting may cause your computer to be sluggish because it hasn’t been visited for a long time.

Maintenance for older computers.

There are computer devices that are almost 3 years old, and still, run as though it’s brand new. How can this be? If you have no anti-virus software installed yet, it may be as simple as you need to download one. From there, you’ll have to install your anti-virus software and then do a weekly scan on your computer.

Some websites may request that you run a quick scan before you go to their sites. This only proves that the site has been around long enough to have an ANTI-VIRUS program already installed on your computer.

There are some other virus programs that may already be available on your computer. In this case, you’ll only need to request the software to be installed on your computer. However, it’s possible that it won’t install without problems. If this is the case, you’ll only need to learn how to remove the existing virus from your computer.

Why do websites and browsers force you to use an outdated browser?

There are a lot of reasons why these browsers are forcing you to use an outdated browser. Is it worth it to lose all of my surfing histories from the previous browser I used? No. Also, many of the popular browsers, including Google Chrome, force you to use the latest version of their browser because they want to redirect you to search for the browser on a different search engine.